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LAROCQUE is a producer and manufacturer of outstanding custom-made Wall Beds.
LAROCQUE brings the idea of the hide-away bed, “Murphy Wall Bed”, to a new, fresh and contemporary feel, catering to their sophisticated and modern clientele.
LAROCQUE, takes pride in using some of the most eco-friendly materials in the industry.
LAROCQUE CUSTOM WALL BEDS works closely with top industry providers and distributors of materials that meet the industry’s top quality standards.

LAROCQUE, a proud Canadian company!

Beautiful Custom Wall Beds !

Located at SOFA (Source of Furniture & Accessories)
Owner:JL Investments
Certifications: Certified Business.
Areas of expertise: Designer of Custom Wall Beds for Home, Corporate, Retail, Feng Shui, Green Design. 


The bed is named after:  

William Lawrence Murphy (1856-1957),  

Inventor William Lawrence Murphy began tinkering with hideaway beds while living in a one-room apartment in San Francisco in the late 19th century. 

He was falling for a young opera singer and courting customs at that time would not permit a lady to enter a gentleman's bedroom.

But according to family legend, Murphy's limited finances and a strict moral code didn't spoil his chance at love. His invention allowed him to stow his bed in his closet, transforming his one-room apartment from a bedroom into a parlor.


The couple married in 1900. 

Larocque Custom Wall Beds is proud to bring Murphy’s idea of hide away beds to a new, fresh and contemporary feel, to cater to our sophisticated and modern clientele.